thanksgiving in phoenix

boys walk away © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

Usually we don’t see my brother at Thanksgiving.  For my mom, Christmas is a sacred holiday – if we even thought of missing it, she would be sad…so when he moved out to the west coast coming home twice so … Continue reading

fall and winter

Augie wil not smile © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

SO… it’s been a while since I posted some photos.  It is now winter here, full on snowy winter (avoiding shoveling by doing this right now).  I have a few photos from fall, including a fantastic leaf fight with the … Continue reading

First Day of School & Hurd Orchards

Aidan and mom © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

School has begun!  The boys headed back and into third and fifth grade (when did they get so old?!?!).  I was actually a bit sad to see summer end…we really had a great summer…lots of traveling, hanging out with friends, … Continue reading

Sterling Renaissance Festival

pickles © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

Last Sunday, we were doing nothing.  Our neighbor stopped by to drop something off and mentioned that she was headed to the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, and we thought…well, why not??  It was the last weekend, so if you missed … Continue reading

Cape Cod 2013

Augie walking © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

Another summer, another trip to Cape Cod.  The boys couldn’t even bear to think of a summer without a trip here (and secretly, neither could I).  We had another fantastic week – great weather, great friends, fun times!

Europe: Part 3 – Italy

view from villa © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

The last stop on our trip was Italy.  We met my parents in Orvieto, a small mountain town an hour or so north of Rome.  Needless to say, it was beautiful.  We stayed in a lovely villa within the labyrinth … Continue reading

Europe Part Two: London & Paris

boys and their mummies © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

After (sadly) leaving our friends in Durham, we headed south into London.  London is one of my favorite cities and its was so much fun sharing it with the boys.  We stayed in the darling Harlingford Hotel, just around the … Continue reading

catching up & hanging around

i think a haircut may be in order © 2013 kerby. All rights reserved.

It has been a while since we updated the website.  Since our last sledding post, we have been keeping busy doing lots of not very interesting stuff.   We enjoyed the last bit of winter, got in a few ski trips … Continue reading


Lili and Augie © 2012 kerby. All rights reserved.

Well, snow has finally hit Rochester!  Last year was pretty void of the fluffy stuff, so during our winter break, we made sure to enjoy the bounty that Mother Nature brought to us this season.  We headed over to our … Continue reading

christmas 2012

Christmas morning begins early © 2012 kerby. All rights reserved.

This Christmas was lovely.  We were surrounded by loving family and friends.  We relaxed.  The children played.  We laughed.  We ate.  And we did it all again and again! This year, Augie pronounced every present to be the “worst present … Continue reading

gingerbread houses

Jess and Aidan © 2012 kerby. All rights reserved.

Last year the making of gingerbread houses did not make it onto our to-do list (well, it was on there, but got lost in the shuffle).  So this year, when I noticed the little gingerbread house class at Wegmans, I … Continue reading