Monthly Archives: November 2012

Aidan in the leaves © 2012 kerby. All rights reserved.

fall fun

Welcome to the new year…time to catch up with the old one! We did a number of wonderful things in 2012, but some of the most fun we had was while just hanging around the house.  We are lucky to … Continue reading

Aidan & Augie (in pumpkins) © 2012 kerby. All rights reserved.

Halloween 2012

Another great Halloween this year!  Aidan finally settled upon the costume of Dr. Who (the 11th, I believe) and Augie dressed up as Aidan’s very good friend Josh (no one famous, just a regular kid with red hair).  Thanks to … Continue reading

Aidan, Augie, & Nonna © 2012 kerby. All rights reserved.

pumpkin farm

Fall has arrived and our annual trip to the pumpkin farm was a blast!  This year, we were lucky to have my mother in tow – the boys love their Nonna and it was fan