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Europe: Part 3 – Italy

The last stop on our trip was Italy.  We met my parents in Orvieto, a small mountain town an hour or so north of Rome.  Needless to say, it was beautiful.  We stayed in a lovely villa within the labyrinth of skinny cobbled streets.  We drank copious amounts of coffee, at way too much gelato, and had fun exploring with Nonna and Grandpa.  We wandered around Orvieto, shopping, visiting the underground tunnels, feeding stray cats (well, Nonna fed all of the cats), and eating at some fabulous restaurants.  Jason went with the guys to see Italian automobiles – Lamborghini & Ferrari.   We traveled to Rome for the day and took in all of the Roman sites.  We climbed ancient Roman ruins in Carsulae, the boys swam in Lake Bolsena, and had fun roaming around the grape and olive farm of my parent’s friends.  On our last evening, we watched a pageant in front of the duomo, complete with 18th century costumes and a living chess game.

A fantastic end to our journey!