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Europe: Part One – Durham, England

So, we just got back from a fantastic two week trip to Europe; our travels took us to England, France, and Italy.  We are all recuperating from a bit of jet lag and I have begun to sift through the photographs – we took more than two thousand!  Too many to sort through all at once, and too many to post, too.  So this is just the first installment – the first leg of our trip – to Durham, England to see our friends Lisa and Richard, and their children, William, Ocean, & Freya.

We had so much fun in Durham, despite it being MUCH colder than at home!  On our first day in, Richard’s parents, Val and Nigel, had us out to their farm for a visit and Sunday dinner.  To say that this was an idyllic way to spend our first day in the English Countryside would be an understatement.  We roamed around their farm, enjoyed some fantastic views, rode motorbikes, and had a fantastic dinner; Val is a force in the kitchen…and we were happy to sit at her table!  We then spent the following days enjoying the sights of Durham and visiting Durham Cathedral (Harry Potter geeks will recognize some of those corridors), eating copious amounts of British foods (Richard takes after his mother – a great cook!), and playing with the children.  Augie even lost his tooth roaming around Durham! We also had a chance to visit Beamish Museum, which was fantastic…for those of you in Rochester, it is like Genesee Country Village and Museum, only much, MUCH bigger – it is a gigantic period dressed village with a steam train, double decker bus tram, coal mine, a farm, a town (with a candy making shop!), a carousel, and so much more.

We had a great time and were a little sad to leave so soon!  Our next stop was London, though, and we were looking forward to getting there (stay tuned for more photos).  Thanks to our gracious hosts, The Bryson Family – we love you and miss you tons!!


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  1. lisa

    Hello Gowans! We had the most AMAZING time visiting with you! So many laughs and good times.
    The photos are incredible, Cyndi you are so talented:)
    We miss you xxx