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fall and winter

SO… it’s been a while since I posted some photos.  It is now winter here, full on snowy winter (avoiding shoveling by doing this right now).  I have a few photos from fall, including a fantastic leaf fight with the neighbor, Audrey.  My parents came up and we went to see the cool pumpkins at Powers Farm and went on a Halloween wagon ride.  We went to pick out our pumpkins the following weekend on what might have been the coldest day of fall (note the joy that has been frozen out of the children’s faces). We carved pumpkins and got ready for Trick or Treating.  The boys were Adventure Time characters,  Augie was Jake the Dog and Aidan was Finn the Human.  Audrey, our super fun neighbor is also in one of the shots as Marshall Lee (also from Adventure Time).

Moving into winter…we made our yearly trek out to Clifton Springs to pick out our tree from the Darling’s Tree Farm.  And then there are three little shots of the boys enjoying a snowy evening.  In between was a WHOLE bunch of stuff, including our trip to Phoenix for Thanksgiving…I’ll get back to all that stuff later :)