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thanksgiving in phoenix

Usually we don’t see my brother at Thanksgiving.  For my mom, Christmas is a sacred holiday – if we even thought of missing it, she would be sad…so when he moved out to the west coast coming home twice so quickly was a bit excessive and Thanksgiving was the holiday that went.  This year, though, my brother has new digs in Phoenix that can house all of us all at once, so we decided that we would all head out there for Thanksgiving.

My parents, my grandfather, and my children and I all escaped New York’s first real snowstorm for the sunny warmth of Phoenix.  We went to the zoo and fed giraffes, Aidan went on a zip-line and Augie rode a giant slide. The boys scootered around the driveway for hours, we hung out by the pool and went on walks; both boys loved building fires in the fire pit each night.  We drove to Sedona and took an off road tour (and watched what the boys now refer to as “the boring-est sunset ever”).  We also visited the Phoenix Science Museum, where there was a giant stomach and when you slid out down a slide…it made fart noises.

We had lots of fun!!  It may be too hot to go back in the summer, but with all of the snow piling up around here, I am sure we will find another excuse to escape there soon!